Product Details

Frame Size: L  1050mm    W 820mm    D 75mm

The tubular flotation frame is substantially rigid. A central core is surrounded by a soft buoyant coating of closed cell foam to avoid injury in the event of impact during overhead capture.

Cover  – twin colour UV resistant nylon

Light reflector bands  – SOLAS approved

Harness webbing strength – 2.2 ton

Throwing weight – 2.5kg

Cabinet Size: L  1150mm    W 870mm    D 160mm

Destruction Test – Broke at 2.2 ton pull

Watch the High Side Recovery


  1. Delivers a wide open loop for easy entry in rough seas
  2. Inflated lifejacket does not impede entry
  3. Small diameter frame is easily flipped overhead for entry
  4. Once inside the hollow, the casualty is inside two slings: a chest sling detachably mounted to a leg sling (the flotation frame)
  5. Without prompting, the casualty’s arms rise up and drape out over the frame, leaving the way clear for the rescuer to tug the tension-activated chest sling inwards from its detachable mountings and capture the casualty under the armpits.
  6. The frame provides flotation while the casualty is being drawn closer to the rescuer
  7. The rigid shape of the frame is easily plunged and placed to form a leg support
  8. Double sling recovery ensures a safe “low deckchair” posture for the hoist aboard


Alternative descriptions

The QUIKSLING rescue device can be described as any of the following:

  • MOB recovery system
  • Water rescue equipment
  • Rescue Sling