John A Buchan, Skipper РOcean Endeavour

Just bought one of these Quiksling MOB recovery devices. I would say it’s the best piece of MOB kit I’ve seen yet. Simple to use and turns into a hoist for lifting the casualty back onboard with the crane or powerblock.

James Locker, Skipper РOur Lass

We bought one, I would agree best bit of MOB kit yet.

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William Runcie

After seeing the quiksling on display,I decided it a must for us to have it onboard our boat. For the simple reason it’s size for storing onboard and it’s ease of use.
So we placed an order with George West the inventor of the quiksling,we got it the following week,then fitted it onboard inside an aluminium box.
Just through conversation i said to George,what about taking it to the pool and having a trial of it in a safe controled environment. So on friday we visited Peterhead swimming pool with George who had set up a small training module. He went through the important procedure of how the sling is set up,for taking casualty out of water.
After all our crew had practice of this and also practice of removing each person from the water,George set a target of saving 3 guy’s in 3 minutes from the water. We did it in 1 minute 50 seconds!!
My crew found the training module very helpful,and said they would be very confident in using it onboard if it was ever needed in a MOB situation.

David Sinclair, Captain – Graemsey Orkney Ferry

Great piece of kit George west gave me a demo last week in Macduff

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