This M.O.B. recovery system is unique and very effective

Recovering a person who has fallen into rough seas is a very difficult task indeed. Without effective equipment a life can very easily be lost.

QUIKSLING enables fast recovery from rough seas, in a medically advised (deck chair) posture, where circumstances suit a throw-out product.

Just bought one of these QUIKSLING MOB recovery devices. I would say it’s the best piece of MOB kit I’ve seen yet. Simple to use and turns into a hoist for lifting the casualty back onboard with the crane or powerblock… John A Buchan, Skipper- Ocean Endeavour. See more comments

The Man Overboard Problem


The Solution

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The main webbing component of the QUIKSLING assembly has been manufactured under an BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Ultimate strength has been derived by multiple tensile tests on a Testometric M500-100kN AX, 100kN materials testing machine. This machine is fully calibrated, operated by trained users and is accurate to class 0.5 (0.5% accuracy). As a result we are able to determine consistently, the ultimate strength to specify the assembly with a multiple level safety factor.

Manufactured in the UK by a major marine safety company to ISO 9001 standards.